Reasons Why Using Pirated WP Themes & Plugins is Not A Good Idea?

Okay, let us face it – Premium WordPress themes or Premium WordPress Plugins can be expensive. There are tons of options for the free themes and plugins available, but as a matter of fact, they are limited in features. The paid or the premium themes will give your site a professional look + tons of additional features, and that comes with a set back of a decent amount of money. For this reason, many people decide to use pirated WordPress themes.

Using the pirated or nulled WP themes seems to be a pretty good idea as they will not only offer you to save a massive amount of money but also will offer you with tons of stolen copies of premium WordPress themes. However, it is illegal and possesses a number of practical disadvantages, particularly when it comes to security.

So if you are contemplating using stolen or pirated WP themes or plugins from free download sites here’s why it is not a good idea.

Reasons Why Using Pirated WP Themes and Plugins is Not A Good Idea

Reasons Why Using Pirated WP Themes & Plugins is Not A Good Idea?

You might be thinking that using a pirated WordPress theme is similar to downloading a pirated TV show or movie. But to add to your knowledge, it is not. Obviously, you are going to add it to your running website, which means it will negatively impact your entire site. In addition to that, here are some other reasons indicating why you should not use a pirated or stolen WP themes and plugins:

1. They are Often Infected With Malware & Pose Serious Security Risk

Pirated WordPress themes are not only bad for the image of your website but also they can be bad for your whole system. These pirated versions of WP themes can bring infections, spams, and malware to your system, so it is really important for you to limit yourself to the reputable and trustable sources.

2: It is Illegal

Well, piracy is simply a fancy word for stealing and stealing is illegal. It is morally wrong and you should avoid it. It not only damage your and your site’s reputation, but it can be dangerous for your future. If noticed, you can go to jail for years.

3: Pirated Themes can Impact Your SEO Badly

Another little downside of using a pirated or nulled WP theme or plugin is that it has a negative impact on your SEO. As these plugins and themes contain hidden links to the website from where you got them, you might end up promoting and admitting that you are using pirated versions, that is definitely not the thing you need. Moreover, this process will hurt your SEO, since Google penalizes contents with links to untrustworthy sources.

4: No Access to Updates & Support

The official WP themes and plugins come with automatic updates to fix bugs and to add features, but that is not the case if you go with a pirated version of WP themes. This leaves your site with an outdated version which might be insecure and buggy at the same time.

So if you are considering getting a nulled version of WP plugins and theme, it is definitely not a good idea. It is better to spend a few bucks once, then to spend hundreds on lawyers and legal professionals.

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