Top 4 Best File Manager Plugins for WordPress Sites & Blogs

The reason many people like WordPress is that you do not have to deal with coding and files. Yes it is true. But no matter how advanced this system gets, sometimes there is no option other than accessing files and folders.

Though developers try their best to thwart but they have not succeeded yet. You may have to create a directory or new PHP file. You may have to upload any plugin on your own because installation has failed. In these kind of situations, file manager plugins are really helpful. In today’s article, we will tell you about top 4 best file manager plugins for wordpress sites and blogs. Previously we had also discussed about Top 5 Best Download Manager Plugins for WordPress sites & blogs.

Top 4 Best File Manager Plugins for WordPress Sites & Blogs

Top 4 Best File Manager Plugins for WordPress Sites & Blogs

1. File Manager Plugin For WordPress

Top 4 Best File Manager Plugins for WordPress Sites & Blogs

File manager plugin for WordPress is an easy to use plugin which allows users to view, edit and create files in WordPress folder and its sub folders. Interface is so simple that even a beginner can use it very easily. According to estimates it is the best selling file manager plugin.

File manager plugin for WordPress comes with windows style graphical user interface, which showcases context menu just like right click menu, shortcuts and image editing capabilities. Image editing capabilities include crop, rotate and resize. You can view office documents in preview. You can also fix google chrome add-ons conflict. Text file can be edited, with the options of cut, copy and paste.  Files can also be created and uploaded.

Admin can set different folder permissions for different users, and set access permissions (Read/Write) for different users. Access can be banned for specified users.

2. File Manager for WordPress Plugin

File manager for wordpress is the most robust and powerful file manager for wordpress. It gives convenient environment to upload, delete, copy, move, rename, archive, extract files. You do not need not ftp any more. It is hell simple and easy to use.Install the plugin and follow standard plugin installation process. All the file management at one platform.

It provides you all file operations you need like upload, download, delete, copy, move, upload, create folder/file, rename, archive, extract, edit, etc. It also has image editing and drag & drop support. There is quick look and preview support for common file types. You can calculate directory sizes and enjoy video audio play support of this remarkable plugin.

File manager for WordPress plugin comes with some advanced features. Enjoy high performance server at back end. Moreover, there is no need of database as it uses local system. You can select more than one files and folders, and move or copy files with drag and drop support. Keyboard shortcuts will facilitate you just in the way they help you in normal windows file managers. For image files, you will see thumbnails. You can also upload directory to folder. There is sanitizer for file name and file path. File browsing hiostory is also available for your ease.

3. WP File Manager Plugin for WordPress

Another awesome file manager plugin which provides you all features you need for file management like edit, delete, upload, download, copy and paste files and folders. It is hell easy to copy, move, rename, edit files folder or any files from one location to another location.  User can upload file of any size.

Top 4 Best File Manager Plugins for WordPress Sites & Blogs
Top 4 Best File Manager Plugins for WordPress Sites & Blogs
Developer: mndpsingh287
Price: Free

There is complete support for archives. Admin has the right to create and extract them. You can create a private folder, but only in pro edition. Short codes are also available in pro edition. There are admin email notifications, google drive integration and dropbox integration are also available in pro edition.

4. File Manager Advanced Plugin for WordPress

File Manager Advanced is a really an advanced plugin used for files management in wordpress. Edit, Delete, upload, delete, download, zip, copy etc multiple operations are available. You do not need any cpanel and FTP. Because you can access files inside and outside wordpress root directory.

Top 4 Best File Manager Plugins for WordPress Sites & Blogs
Top 4 Best File Manager Plugins for WordPress Sites & Blogs
Developer: modalweb
Price: Free

File manager advanced plugin for WordPress gives you the authority to edit root directory path. Short codes are available for logged in and non logged in users with multiple attributes and features (they allow users and users role access), but this feature is only available in pro edition. The real and actual path of any file can be made hidden. There also is a move to trash feature. Files can also be searched and sorted. The responsiveness, keyboard shortcuts, trash and files hiding are probably the best features of this plugin.

We hope you like our list and review of  top 4 best file manager plugins for wordpress sites and blogs. This list has been compiled after studying many file management plugins. Well, all of them provide the basic functionalities, but the choice of best among them can vary from person to person. It hugely depends on one’s own preferences. In our choice, the number one is File manager plugin for WordPress, because nearly all fantastic features are also available in its free version.

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  1. I am looking for a plugin like this and it is the best file manager plugins.
    I recently come across the WPFileo plugin which is a powerful WordPress plugin for managing my media files. It comes with folder enhancement options for organizing media files easily on different folders and showcasing your media in a visually appealing way.

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