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Do you want to monetize your WordPress site or blog with advertisements? If yes, you might also be putting huge effort into finding and showcasing the ads on your WordPress site. It should not be so, and there must be a better way for ad management on the WordPress site. WordPress, by default, lacks any good ad management mechanism, and on the other hand, most websites rely on ads or monetization methods to survive. Prior to this article, we had discussed Top 10 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins to Make Money. In this article, we will tell you about the top 10 best ads manager plugin for WordPress sites to display ads.

Top 10 Best Banner Ads Manager WordPress Plugins in 2021 for Adsense & Affiliate Ads

10 Best Banner Ads Manager WP Plugins in 2020 | Adsense & Affiliate Ads

A good ad management plugin would definitely be beneficial for you no matter you are selling ads to a third party or using your platform to promote your own content.

1. Ads Pro Plugin for WordPress Adsense & Affiliate

Ads Pro Plugin for WordPress Adsense & Affiliate

A premium WordPress plugin for ads management. It helps you to manage, sell and display your advertising space, in unimaginable ways.It supports grid and template system, which results in totally matched user friendly ads on your site. It is totally free from adblocker. Ads Pro plugin is 100% responsive. There is full support for geographical targeting like countries, states etc. There are options which allow you to show ads on specific devices like mobiles and tablets etc. More than 25 ready to use templates, versatile backend manager, hooks to show ads before or after content are the core features of Ads Pro plugin. You can show different ads at each refresh. Visual Composer is the best plus. You get full compatibility for wooCommerce and Google AdSense.

2. WP Pro Advertising System Plugin for WordPress

WP Pro Advertising System Plugin for WordPress

WP Pro Advertising System is all in one and multi purpose ads manager plugin. You are totally free to choose where to display ads on website. With WP Pro Advertising System, you can create your own ad server, and earn money by selling ads any where in your network. From rectangles to squares, you can make ad of any size. Include any social media icon, you want in banners, and the banners are rotatable. There are 250+ google fonts to make your text look beautiful. Moreover, you can detect inactive user and show them the right ad to move them forward. Ads can be triggered to show up at the right place and scheduled to show up at right time. There is a complete mechanism for recording statistics, for showing the best ads.

3. Elite Video Player Plugins for WordPress Video Ads

Elite Video Player Plugins for WordPress Video Ads

This is a modern and responsive video player for wordpress, which supports many famous video platform like YouTube and Vimeo as well as advertising. You can represent your videos in your site on all browsers and devices. Best thing is that you can host your own videos, but only in mp4 format. Elite Video Player supports post roll, pre roll, pop-up and video ads. There is custom skip ad option which lets the visitor skip the add after certain time duration. This time duration is in your control too. You can add each ad, for all video types supported by Elite Video Player.

4. Advanced Ads Manager for WordPress, Banner Ads, Google Adsense Ads & Affiliate Ads

Advanced Ads Manager for WordPress, Banner Ads, Google Adsense Ads & Affiliate Ads

Advanced Ads is a simple ad manager plugin, which has been appreciated by millions of users, in 9 years of publishing and ad optimization. There are unlimited ad units, which work with all ad types and networks. It is the partner of Google AdSense. Advanced Ads provide all basic options for ad management.

You can create and display any kind of ads, rotate them, schedule and set their expire date, and inject them into posts and pages without needing any coding knowledge. Moreover, you can use shortcodes, within ads.

5. Ultimate Ads Manager Plugin for WordPress

Ultimate Ads Manager Plugin for WordPress

Ultimate Ads Manager is a wonderful Ads Manager WordPress plugin. You can create and manage, automate and display advertisements as a widget or shortcode anywhere on your page. Ultimate Ads Manger  is easy to use and comes with awesome statistics options.

Ultimate Ads Manager
Ultimate Ads Manager
Developer: Codeneric
Price: Free

It is possible to count views and clicks, consider their uniqueness, and their duplicates. You can define any kind of restriction you want for ads like time, clicks, views, weeks days etc.

6. Ad Inserter Plugin for WordPress

Ad Inserter Plugin for WordPress

If you are looking for some plugin to insert the ads at best position, your search is finally over. Ad Inserter is a great plugin, which comes with best options for ads insertion. You can insert ads on posts and pages, before or after content, before or after paragraph, before or after multiple paragraphs, before or after comments and before or after excerpt. In footer, header, any relative position or basically anywhere. Not only adds you can also insert any HTML, CSS or JavaScript code.

You can create rich media ads with Standard WordPress TinyMCE editor.

7. WP Insert Plugin for WordPress

WP Insert Plugin for WordPress

A very powerful, but easy to use WordPress plugin. Its capabilities are far beyond mere ad insertion. WP Insert is Adsense optimized, and comes with built-in support for Google Page Level Ads and unlimited ad blocks. You can hide ads for mobile users or logged in users. Ads can also be inserted in sidebars. There is a complete GUI driven rules to control ad placement. Moreover, you can add Google Analytics like many other ad management plugins.

Developer: Namith Jawahar
Price: Free

The plugin is based on highly efficient algorithms which never let your site go down.

8. Quick Adsense Plugin for WordPress

Quick Adsense Plugin for WordPress

Quick Adsense is a quick and flexible plugin for inserting AdSense or any ads code in blog post. It is also possible to place the ad somewhere randomly. There is a simple settings page which does not confuse you with a bundle of complex customizing options. Instead you will feel comfortable with simple configuration interface.

Quick Adsense
Quick Adsense
Developer: Namith Jawahar
Price: Free

There is absolutely no author revenue reward or revenue sharing from your Adsense or that kind of features.On sidebar widgets, maximum 10 ads codes are allowed.

9. Random Banner Ads Plugin for WordPress

Random Banner Ads Plugin for WordPress

As the name depicts, this plugin comes with great options for adding banners. Random Banner helps you to show image banners, SWF banners and random script ads. Also, you can add individual link to Image and SWF banners. With the help of shortcode or widget, banner can be added anywhere and categorized as per needs.

Random Banner
Random Banner
Developer: vinoth06
Price: Free

It is possible to disable all random banners.

10. Insert Post Ads Plugin for WordPress

Insert Post Ads Plugin for WordPress

If you want very simple way to display ads on your WordPress website, download Insert Post Ads is the plugin for you. It gets the best click-through rate. It automatically insert the ads after specific number of paragraphs. Thus, there is no hassle of manually inserting the adds.

Insert Post Ads
Insert Post Ads
Developer: InsertPostAds
Price: Free

Insert Post Ads is very easy and quick to setup. All basic ad management functions are possible.

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