Top 5 Best Event Manager Plugins for WordPress Website Development

If you think you have installed calendar on your WordPress site and its sufficient for event management, you are terribly mistaken. The calendar would merely display dates of events and nothing other than that. Event manager plugins provide means for guest management, email notifications and even ticketing. And as we know that conducting different events is routine work of all organizations, it is really important to install the best event management plugins on your site. If you read this post, you will get to know about top 5 best event manager plugins that can be used for WordPress Website Development related to any events or calendar based wordpress websites.

Top 5 Best Event Manager Plugins for WordPress Website Development

Top 5 Best Event Manager Plugins for WordPress Website Development

1. Events Manager Plugin for WordPress

Events Manager is a event registration plugin for WordPress which is rich in features and is based on the principles of flexibility, reliability and powerful features. It makes event registration very easy. No matter it is one day event with start and end time or multiple day event. Bookings can be managed including approvals or rejections. The CSV file can also be imported.

Events Manager has support for multiple tickets. It also comes with BuddyPress support. You can submit events and group events. The backend interface of Events Manager is very simple. An average WordPress user can easily handle. On the frontend, your events calendar would be ready to be used for selling tickets, showing a simple calendar, or displaying event details. You will really appreciate integration with iCal feed and Google Calendar. To show full calendars or individual events with their respective locations, you can go for some widgets as well. At free of cost, you get most of the features to show detail of your events. You can create custom event with attributes. Any type of description is possible. There is full compatibility with SEO plugins.

There is an amazing feature which allows users and guests to submit their own events. Google Maps is fully supported. Though the free version is remarkable, but pro would  enable you to enjoy some more fantastic features like, built-in spam protection, PayPal integration and automated email reminders.

2. The Events Calendar Plugin for WordPress

It is super easy to create an events calendar and manage it with Events Calendar. This awesome plugin provides professional-level quality and features backed by a team you can trust. Events Calendar extensible, easy to use, and completely customizable.

Top 5 Best Event Manager Plugins for WordPress Website Development
Top 5 Best Event Manager Plugins for WordPress Website Development
Developer: The Events Calendar
Price: Free

The best plus of the Events Calendar plugin is to get up and running within minutes. This is a rapid event creation tool which is best suitable for companies who want their event to be listed but don’t have all the time in the world. It also helps you to save venues and organizers for later. There is wide variety of layouts for the lists and calendars. You can opt anyone for front end. It comes with elegant modern calendar which supports maps and other necessary event data. Event taxonomy is also supported. You can create categories and tags.  There is a debug mode for developers.

There are some add-ons and plugins are far more interesting than the average event management plugin. For example, Modern Tribe has a plugin called GigPress, which helps musicians and managers to manage gigs and concerts.

3. WP Event Manager Plugin for WordPress

WP Event Manager is one of most simple, and most lightweight WordPress event management plugins. If you are very touchy about speed of your sites and do not give a damn about much space or clutter the backend with too many features, WP Event Manager should be your choice. It might be novice in the event management field, but it has made its name in short time with great reviews and even better customer support.

WP Event Manager plugin offers a free, core plugin, along with the option to buy add-ons. The feature list is quite impressive. You enjoy everything from multilingual translations to frontend forms, and to widgets and shortcodes for searchable event listings. There is cross browser support too.

Best features are WooCommerce sell tickets, registrations, event alerts, contact organizers, emails, event tags, google analytics, RSS feeds, caching support and easy creation of custom event field.

4. Quick Event Manager for WordPress

This is really very very simple event manager. All you have to do is to add the events and publish. Event posts can be created from dashboard. In settings page you manage how the event is going to be displayed. There are loads of layout and styling options.

Top 5 Best Event Manager Plugins for WordPress Website Development
Top 5 Best Event Manager Plugins for WordPress Website Development
Developer: Fullworks
Price: Free

Events are shown as a list or calendar. Registration form is built-in. It accepts payments and IPN. You can also download events to your calendar. There is plethora of short code options and widgets. It also comes with complete events map support. You can download attendee report to email/CSV.

5. Responsive Event Calendar for WordPress

WordPress event calendar is a free and very user-friendly responsive plugin. It allows you to manage multiple recurring events and various display options. It makes event registration and events management easy and lets you display beautiful responsive calendars, upcoming events and more. It is best possible option for websites organizing seminars, summits, conferences, concerts, meetings, and more. You can have multiple events organized in your calendar. Add unlimited number of events and calendars on your site. Using widgets, you can  display the calendar in a smaller format for all pages.

Top 5 Best Event Manager Plugins for WordPress Website Development
Top 5 Best Event Manager Plugins for WordPress Website Development
Developer: 10Web
Price: Free

You can add multiple events on single date and all of them can have different categories and tags. There is recurring events options which makes your life easier. All you have to do is to enter the repeating rate of event.

All of these plugins, we have told you about are perfect for event managers, but the decision of choosing the best  one among them might be tricky. It all depends on what you want out of your plugin and what are your priorities. If you are looking for the best value, you should go for Events Manager Plugin for WordPress. If speed and light weight is all you care about, you should  opt WP Event Manager. If simplicity is your policy, just go and grab Quick Event Manager.

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