Top 5 Best CDN Service Providers for WordPress in 2024

CDN stands for content delivery network. The main purpose of CDN is to speed up website. It is the system of distributed servers. Their technique is to cache the files of wordpress website in different servers around the world. So that the static content such as css style sheets, java scripts, images and videos, can be delivered to user from the nearest location. Usage of Content Delivery Network greatly increases wordpress website loading speed, which is perfect for less bounce rate and better search engine ranking position (SERP).

List of 5 Best CDN Service Providers for WordPress in 2024

Top 5 Best CDN Service Providers for Wordpress in 2024

CDN services may be expensive but they always pay off either you are making a small blog or a large scale eCommerce website for your business. They can help to reduce latency and boost up website loading time. For your ease, we have compiled the list of some best CDN services providers for WordPress based websites. Do not hesitate to pick the one you like.

  1. KeyCDN

    This is a very great CDN service provider for WordPress, which comes along with SSL certificate. Very low prices, easy setup and best performance are the key features. They have very easy interface to get started. Right after signing up with your email, you will get 25gb to mess up with. You can create your first zone with few clicks. Might be the best feature of KeyCDN is the facility of designating content into zones. There would be a proper guide for you to help you integrate the services with wordpress. Their minimum charges are $49 per year. If you are looking to integrate KeyCDN service with your WordPress Website, be it a blog, portfolio or WooCommerce project, you can simply use CDN Enabler Plugin.

  2. Incapsula

    It is very high quality security CDN service provider, which can boost up the speed of wordpress websites. It is the super quality global network perfect for the purposes of intelligent caching and caching control options. High speed storage and optimization tools are there to enhance your website while reducing the bandwidth cost. WordPress websites which are using incapsula are 50% faster and consume 70% less bandwidth. There is no free plan they provide. Pro plan costs $59 per month.

  3. Cloudflare

    Cloudflare is one of the awesome CDN service provider has one of the best free plans. It comes with a lot of new features with great performance. This is the most popular american content delivery service. It has very simple setup, where you do not need to mess with code. Update your DNS nameservers and it will start automatically. Its most distinguishing features are limiting spam, keeping you safe from hackers and mitigating DDoS attacks. Receiving the most advanced protocols on web is what they guarantee. In their free plan, you get to see what it can do, so that you can make up your mind. Upgrading to pro would cost $20 per month.

  4. MaxCDN

    MaxCDN is the great CDN service provider for WordPress sites, for novices. They have easy setup and good value for money. They charge extra for Asian countries. This is the new global network, with built-in WAF. They provide 24/7 support with speedy response. They provide one-click activation for better security. Their are no extra charges for SSL certificate. They have a clean pricing structure. They price per giga byte in custom plan. Starting is $9 per month in entrepreneur plan and $299 per month in professional plan.

  5. CDN77

    CDN77 content delivery network works too good with WordPress. They support the latest technologies like HTTP/2, Brotli and Instant SSL. Their daily traffic is more than 2Tbps. They have 32 PoPs worldwide. Three of them are in south america and 12 in Asia. They provide 24/7 live support, whose average response time is 50 seconds. They have different pricing plans for different amount of giga bytes consumption.

If you are looking to integrate content delivery network on your wordpress website, you can use above mentioned best CDN networks. MT Web Sol can help you setup and configure CDN with WordPress (part of WordPress Speed Optimization), as our team has extensive experience with wordpress and we will assure 100% work satisfaction. In addition to Best Content Delivery Networks, you must also know about Best Cloud VPS Hosting Providers for WordPress.

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