Top 5 Best Plugins for WordPress Migration from Old Host to New Host

WordPress Migration services are needed when you are planning to change your web hosting, but migration of wordpress site from one host to another is not a easy job for those who do not have any technical background. It can be strenuous and stressful experience but it should not be so. Sometimes people even do not bother to do it because they are afraid of losing time and data.

Nothing feels worse than realizing that your hosting service provider is not meeting your standards. Many web masters panic in this situation, and attempt to migrate provided that they do not have required technical knowledge and expertise. Results can be disastrous. It is not like moving from one compartment to another. You can lose your data, your search engine optimization rankings and make your secret data vulnerable. Potential downtime and data loss are the biggest risks. You have to move the wordpress install from one server to another without affecting its functionality.

So the best way is to a hire professional team which provides wordpress migration services. They will make your journey from one host to another much easier, more reliable and secure than ever. There can be multiple factors behind the wordpress migration. May be you just want to move towards better service provider for the well-being of your site. The new host may have lower prices or better loading time as compared to your previous host. Often you have a local wordpress site and you want to see it on live server. In certain scenarios you want to move site from sub domain to the main directory or from main directory to sub domain.

Rather than hiring someone or some company for wordpress migration, you can also use different plugins for it. Yes, there are wordpress plugins which can help you to migrate your site to new server. However, their use also requires a lot of technical knowledge. Without this skill, their use can lead to impending disaster for your website.

So, if you are facing any of these problems and worrying about where to start or what step to take first, as the process sounds tedious and tiring, just relax. We are going to tell you about some of the best wordpress migration services and super wordpress migration tools.

Top 5 Best Ways & Plugins to Migrate or Clone WordPress or WooCommerce Store

Top 5 Best Plugins for Wordpress Migration from Old Host to New Host


Top 5 Best Plugins for Wordpress Migration from Old Host to New Host

This company provides the best wordpress migration services and their name is one of the renowned names in wordpress migration business. They have a team of highly qualified wordpress professionals who can provide wordpress migration services at any scale. It is a perfect solution if you need professional wordpress migration service.  It will totally save you from the problem of searching about different plugins, installing them and learning their use.

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Their ninjas will take everything in their hands and will just hand over you the new keys after shifting you to new home. You can Contact MT Web Sol, with your WordPress migration project details and our team will get back to you within few hours.


No doubt, it is one of the ultimate wordpress migration plugin. It exports your entire site including media, database and themes very smoothly and safely. It provides three main sections in its admin screen. These are exports, imports and backups. All the functionality is spread within these sections. The first section, Export enables you to create the multiple copies of your site. The second section, Imports is supposed to handle the uploads. The third section, backups will provide you safety if your new server is unable to handle heavy files. The import function makes the wordpress migration task as easy as wordpress installation.

Top 5 Best Plugins for Wordpress Migration from Old Host to New Host
Top 5 Best Plugins for Wordpress Migration from Old Host to New Host
Developer: ServMask
Price: Free

All-in-one wp migration is tested extensively across various hosting providers. It enables you to upload your copy via dashboard. You can go through all the moving process without leaving your dashboard.


It is one of the latest wordpress migration plugins. It was launched in August 2107. It is created by Famous Blog Vault team. They claim it to be one of the fastest wordpress migration plugins which can complete migration 80% faster than other plugins.  It is suitable for any type of wordpress site up to 200GB in size.

It is compatible with any type of host. It has built in migration for sites hosted on godaddy, hostgator, wpengine and flywheel.


This amazing wordpress migration tool works by exporting your wordpress database as MySQL data dump. It will run a find and replace function on URLs and file paths. It handles serialized data before saving as an SQL file. You will have to import this file using some database management tool such as phpMyAdmin.

Using this tool requires a lot of technical knowledge of database, so it is recommended for developers and not for novices. It is suitable for you if you are comfortable working with the back end of wordpress and don’t want to just create a clone of site.


This is the most widely used wordpress migration tool. As the name depicts, it you can create a copy or duplicate your site. You will find the new duplicator tab on your wordpress dashboard, after installing the duplicator plugin. This tab will let you create and administer or modify the duplicates you will make. The process is straightforward.

There is an installer included in each new package. It will enable you to set it up elsewhere using a process which is similar to wordpress five minute install. It frees you of the need of Duplicator on your site.

It provides you the list of past copies, and enables you to create new duplicates quickly. It will scan your site both before and after the process to check if it went smoothly. It creates scheduled backups and uploads them to cloud. It runs all necessary diagnostics to ensure that your site is copied over correctly. This is incredibly useful wordpress migration plugin.

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